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With View by CEF service you can launch your own video surveillance cloud, organize a city video surveillance system, or build a distributed security system for small, medium and large sites. View by CEF includes a variety of components that allow you to connect ip cameras to it, control playback on various customer devices, record video from ip cameras, organize a surveillance point for security, and use video analytics like number plates recognition and faces recognition. View by CEF is A modern video surveillance system for solving classic and special security tasks, broadcasting video from ip cameras, recording and providing remote access to distributed IP cameras and archives.

View by CEF is:
  • A cloud-based video surveillance service for monitoring an office, apartment, or home, launched on the basis of Flussonic Watcher, will allow you to launch a service that is in demand on the market and attract new subscribers.
  • A system for monitoring operational processes and customer service quality with video analytics to reduce costs, optimize the number of employees and, ultimately, increase profits.
  • An alternative solution to installing DVR`s for Your customers to improve the safety of video recordings, reduce the cost of servicing installed systems.
  • Video surveillance system for ensuring the safety of property, countering violators and investigating incidents with the possibility of integration into integrated security systems.
  • Organization of broadcasting from city and yard surveillance cameras to Central monitoring points, city websites, or mobile devices of customers.
Web client for convenient work with video surveillance cameras via any modern desktop, mobile, or TV browser.

Watching video: Real-time video playback from all modern IP cameras and DVRs

Mosaics: Creating a multi-window view that allows you to simultaneously view the image of up to 16 cameras

Generating screenshots: The possibility at any time to save a screenshot from the CCTV footage on the disk.

Graphics maps: Placing cameras on a graphic map or room layouts with the ability to view video on it.

Navigation: Timeline of the archive and the possibility to navigate through the calendar and specify the exact start time of playback.

Downloading: Saving sections of the video archive on disk with the start and end of the saved time interval.

Event markers: Event markers made in different colors with comments about the type of event and the date and time of its occurrence

Access permissions: Edit user lists and assign them different permissions to work with the cameras.

Setting up cameras: The control of the image from the cameras, the time on the camera, the recording settings in the archive.

Hierarchical list of cameras View the list of cameras as a hierarchical tree for easy operation with a large number of cameras.

Event notification: Notifications in real time about the appearance of certain events in the system on video surveillance cameras

Linking to a video: Quick movement from the event log to viewing the video of the event with one click.

Downloading events: Downloading a list of events, their screenshots, or recorded video fragments of events to disk.

Filters: Navigate in the list of events using filters to quickly find the desired event on a specific camera.
A set of modules that allow detecting and recognizing human faces and car license plates with the possibility to send recognition events for subsequent response to external systems.

Identification of persons:
The videoanalytics module recognizes faces walking under the camera and saves events about it with the ability to view them.
Human traffic report: Based on the recognition data, a traffic report is generated that specifies who walked under the camera and when it happened.
Integration with ACS: Face recognition events are transmitted in real time to the ACS for automatic door or turnstyle opening.
Face recognition events can be sent to the specified URL of the third system to solve integration problems
Identification of number plates:
The videoanalytics module detects the presence of a car in the frame, recognizes the number, and creates an event that can be viewed.
Viewing recognition events: You can view all recognition events as a list with filters and search and watch a video of the event you are interested in.
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