Our services are well prepared for telecommunication industry, including every operator as ISP, Carriers, DTH, CableTV and other industry integrators.

Operator can adopt our services to create added value over their core business, without investing (CAPEX) important resources that must be focused on their sales and growing. Imagine a Telco Operator offering Televisión, IPTV, OTT, CCTV, IoT, Web services, all of these under their own brands, generating extra revenues with a low effort and most important, generating subscriber's fidelity.
Offer Added Value Services!
CEF Technology have been implementing and operating technologies for many years to commercial industry in a variety of properties worldwide, as malls, stores, museums, etc. In alliance with our partners.

We present different business models according to all the participants, searching for the best formula to all, including end users, o course. Our revenue sharing plans are very attractive to properties with the need of improving their user's experience without the efforts of investment (CAPEX) or operational (OPEX), being CEF Technology the responsible and first responder of any incident or activity requests.
Improve your user's experience!
With more than 20 years attending hospitality industry (hotels, hospitals, campus), CEF Technology brings what your site really needs in matter of technology for efficiency, comfort and user experience!

Hospitality industry is very unique, the way users have to be attended, the effort to generate an experience of a person who is far from home for at least one night, for vacations or business, can be emotionally shocking, in CEF Technology we are fully aware of this, offering our services as a piece of the puzzle to complete an amazing experience that makes your guests to come back.
Improve operations and guest experience!
Services For end users at home, single family properties or MDU's. CEF Technology brings technology to improve life, related with home automation, television, security, audio systems, energy generation and/or saving.

We commonly work by side with general contractors, integrators or administrators. With the goal to be a complement of the existing industries, instead of competing.
Make homes more fun and efficient!