The platform as a service for the new TV industry!

HeadEndX offers significant benefits to operators in the new television industry. With this service, signals are received and distributed within the operator's networks, without impacting the consumption of Internet bandwidth.
The new TV industry demands more efficient methods to deliver linear content to end users, our proposal to meet this demand is HeadEndX, a fully functional Platform as a Service (PAAS) that allows operators to receive, transcode, encrypt and deliver multi-channel IP-based services to end users and/or transport to other distribution centers via the internet or private networks.
Receive TV signals in IP format over the Internet!
You can request new signals or replace the ones you currently receive by satellite. The reasons for doing so are many, economy in the operation, better content prices, new signals, significant reduction of the necessary physical space, in addition to energy consumption, among many other advantages. At you will find more than 100 signals available and legally permitted for reception and distribution within your network (they do not require DRM), also with HeadEndX you can also receive signals from other providers without any limitations, in the formats normally used in the industry (HLS, RTMP, SRT).
Transport your grid to other distribution centers!

With HeadEndX you will be able to transport the signals from one HeadEndX server to another or several located in distant sites, over the Internet or by fiber, in a safe, stable and high-quality manner.

Grid transport has become very common in these times when many content providers have realized that it is an interesting, safe and reliable way to expand their business. In turn, CableTV and ISP operators can take their services to different distribution centers without the need to interconnect these sites with fiber optics or radio links.
Compatible with all Apps and Middleware on the market
HeadEndX generates signals with universal formats (HLS, DASH, UDP), allowing the use of any IPTV/OTT APP. CEF Technology offers TVDIP, OKtv and support with the renowned free app OTTplayer.
Monitoring of the system and streams in real time
HeadEndX has a cloud panel to monitor the system, equipment status and "streams" signals, all in real time to facilitate the detection of incidents and optimize the operation of your TV services.
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