HDMI to IP encoder

Transmit your content from HDMI to SRT to our CDN+ or to your IPTV network (ISP, Hotels).

GoogleTV Box

Best choice for our services INFO at retail, corporate and Hospitality, and OKTV at end user's premises.

Amazon FireStick

Affordable option for INFO and OKTV services. This device has a low cost and is reliable for home and retail operations.

Roku Express

Affordable option for OKTV service. This device has a low cost and is reliable for end users.

Mini computer (NUC)

This computer is our option for professional grade (24/7) operation with INFO services like high priority dashboards, security systems, etc.


This page features a list of products recommended by CEF Technology, based on our extensive experience with various projects and active services. Please note that this is not a store. We do not sell, install, or maintain any of the recommended products. Each product is linked to a recommended provider who will supply the product and provide post-sales support according to their own policies. CEF Technology is not responsible for product pricing or post-sales relations. We hope these recommendations, along with CEF Technology services, significantly aid your Video and TV projects.