The FAST model (Free Ad-Supported TV) is based on the commercialization of available advertising spaces in the channels to generate sufficient income and thus cover the costs of the channel, its distribution and the respective profits for all those involved, exponentially higher. compared to the traditional model of payment by subscription or connected subscribers.
Who is the FAST business aimed at?
  • independent producers
  • Influencers
  • Youtubers
  • Broadcast channels expanding to new markets
  • Commercial channels (RedBull, Tourism, Hotels)
  • Traditional channels going FAST
With the e-FAST method, exclusive to CEF Technology, your channel does not require SCTE-35 or CueTone brands, we simply add a layer to your signal to place advertisements, without interrupting the programming, generating a greater impact on the communication of commercial messages, with interactive tools such as QR, @redes_sociales and among others.
Just imagine your channel or content on hundreds of content distribution platforms worldwide, reaching "niche" audiences that really appreciate your channel, communities in your country living abroad or simply people who are passionate about the subject of their contents.

With FAST by CEF, your channel will be able to start in a very short time and without additional investments at the beginning, you only need to modify the structure of your programming a little, which in turn will help you improve it and update it to the new trends in the use of linear TV. .