In this section you will find all the technology developments, solutions and services covered by CEF and his partners.
New TV Industry
If your business belong to the Television Industry, then you must visit PLATCON.tv, the first online marketplace dedicated to the NEW TV industry, where you can fing all you need to get started and long term operation with our services and support, click here and enter to the new TV industry!
Digital Signage
CEF Technology present Info-Signage, the most complete, but easy to use, cloud-based Digital Signage solution, very useful to create your private or public information displays, the player is a low cost Android TV box and display can be any TV. Start your Digital Signage platform in no time, click here and learn how.
Web services by CEF Technology covers all the details involved with web-based business, from website development for commercial fronting or full ecommerce experience to more complex cloud based platform, you just need to send us your requirements, then we put together the right team and resources to present the best proposal.
Consulting services for design, configuration and support for IoT projects, for any market as residential, commercial or industrial. We count with experience and certifications from many vendors as Honeywell, Arduino, Denkovi among others. Send us your requirements and start your IOT project with us!
Cloud Solutions
Offering a wide variety of cloud solutions. CEF Technology provide innovative products and services designed to complement ISP's existing businesses. Hosting, Servers, VMS, slices and many more! Generate extra income with no efforts with CEF Technology partner program!
Research & Development services for your business, being able to create a custom-made product, software, or platform that comply all your requirements in a way that no other existing solution may do.

R&D is a serious task, if you are convinced that you really need it, CEF Technology is a good option.