As part of our services, we offer a 45-minute session once a week to answer your questions and clarify your doubts on how to build and operate your business in the new television industry. We can design custom presentations for your team or company. Stay with us and ensure your long-term business success.
HeadEndX is an integrated solution for TV operators, with Content, Technology and services, a keyturn solution to start in 48 hours. Click here to download the brochure.
ChannelX is a tv signal delivery service via Internet, for one channel, based on AndroidTV box. Click here to download.
TXIP is a signal transport services, over Internet or any IP network, for one or multiple channels, Point to Point or multipoint. Click here to download.
Vende tu canal con nosotros
Platcon is our portal for the new TV industry. This document is a guide for content owners willing to sell and deliver their channels with us. Click here to download.
ChannelFactory is a cloud service that allows you to program your channel completely, receive it with Android TV box to encode for your clients or a CDN. Click here to download.