CEF Technology is a consulting firm for various industries, especially for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), founded in 2020 in the United States of America, and formed by a selected group of experienced professionals.

We offer consulting and SAAS models aimed at generating added values ​​for Internet Service Providers (ISP) in areas such as Television, Digital Signage, IoT, Security and Web solutions, among others.

With no physical headquarter, CEF Technology brings remote and local services along with cloud-based software solutions, implementing the latest technology and methods available. Our team members are located within almost every country of LATAM region, being able to attend clients, understanding their culture and local business environment.

Carlos Eduardo Faría
CEO and founder. With more than 20 years of experience in the television industry, with several companies created and development of IPTV solutions, HotelTV, Multitouch surfaces, Drones and many others.
Alvaro Valerio Rivero
Associate Director. Independent consultant, an expert in the management of links and IP video transport, with more than 20 years of experience in the TV industry, knowledge about tv production, and has success stories in Mexico and other countries.
Camilo Andrés Mesa
Associate Director. CEO of CG LATAM a CEF Technology Ally, and ECO Wireless, a WISP company in Colombia, engineer with solid academic formation, Telecommunications expert, business and product developer, in care of commercial unit for CEF Technology.
Julio Desvars
Telecommunications and TV consulting. Networks. Broadcast TV. Content generation and distribution. Cable & Home telecom Products Technical Innovation Specialist. Cable M&A. DTH. Off air TV and radio. IoT. In care of CEF Technology business for LATAM "South Cone"
Bernardo Gonzalez
Director at BMSS TECH, Tecnologia y Soluciones de Panama, s.a. Expert engineer in broadcast, video production and TV Studios. Associated consultant for CEF Technology in Central America. Director at BMSS TECH, Tecnologia y Soluciones de Panama, s.a.
Rómulo Guardia Granier
Romulo is an award-winning Venezuelan media strategist, creative expert and content developer proven to transform businesses multimedia. CEO of Angostura Media and Zut TV. In care of media, content and PR for CEF Technology.
Rafael Esquivias
Experienced engineer in Radio and Television industry, Director of Operations at Grupo Origen in Mexico. Associated consultant for CEF Technology projects in this country.
Francisco Valarezo
Engineer and entrepreneur, director of Supercable Ecuador. Associated Consultant for this country, installation and local technical support.
Jorge Valarezo
Experienced businessman in telecommunications industry and other services, director of Supercable Ecuador. Associated Consultant for this country.
Andrey Osin
Highly skilled professional for business development, especially in technology and telecommunications industries. Consultant for Otter Video solutions as well as other relevant brands.