CEF Technology is a B2B services provider for several technology industries, especially for Internet Service Providers (ISP), founded in 2020 by Carlos Eduardo Faría in the United States of America, in order to facilitate business throughout the continent.

We offer consulting and SAAS model that generates added value for Internet Service Providers (ISP) in such areas as Television, Digital Signage, IoT, Security, Web and R&D. We rely on our experience and knowledge, along with the best technology solutions, offered as a service, thanks to alliances with the most important providers on each area as Television, Digital Signage, Internet of Things, Security, along with our special Research & Development services to comply any particular requirement for your business.

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Carlos Eduardo Faría
CEO and founder. With more than 20 years of experience in the television industry, with several companies created and development of IPTV solutions, HotelTV, Multitouch surfaces, Drones and many others.
Alvaro Valerio Rivero
Associate Director. Independent consultant, an expert in the management of links and IP video transport, with more than 20 years of experience in the TV industry, knowledge about tv production, and has success stories in Mexico and other countries.
Associated Consultors
CEF TECHNOLOGY counts with associated consultors in almost every country of the American Continent, considered as business partners, our associates are able to present and sell our solutions, with many years of experience in the technology arena, covering all the services available on this website. If you wish to meet our associate in your country, contact us now and will present him/her in no time!
UCL is a regional TV channel using our delivery IP platform ChannelX and CDN+ for ISP and CableTV operators Worldwide.
Supercable from Ecuador, is a group of ISP and CableTV operators, using our TV channel transport service TXIP and IPTV consulting services to deploy digital TV on IP format over their FTTH network.
Conex Play
Conex Play is an OTT/IPTV service for Venezuela and soon for other countries, based on our solution HeadEndX along with outsourcing project management.
FMH channels
FMH is a group of TV channels for Latin American markets, they use our delivery platform ChannelX for ISP and CableTV operators.