ChannelFactory is a playout in the cloud for the generation and distribution of your Television channel, freeing all costs and post-production processes, hosting, equipment, energy, bandwidth for distribution, CDN among others.

Our Playout is based on the Info platform that offers all the benefits and functions necessary for today's television industry.
  • Unlimited storage
  • Design templates to make your job easier
  • Supports any format (text, image, video, audio, animations, web elements)
  • Multi-user
  • Integration with HTML, Web, social media, Youtube, RSS...
  • Multi-Layer screens
  • Playlist and scheduled content
  • EPG file generation (.xml)
  • Compatible with our CDN+ or any CDN service
Take your channel operations to the cloud and start enjoying the great advantages of the new TV and video industry!
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If your channel is ready for the FAST industry, then you need ChannelFactory PLUS!
ChannelFactory PLUS is the same playout service as the basic, but with many more features and robustness, specially developed for the highest level of service for the new TV industry, with the key function for FAST business, which is the advertising markers well known as SCTE-35.

Ask your engineering team to check this:
• Automated operation of multiple video servers per feed
• Independent configuration of output specs (port, codec, bitrate, PIDs, etc.) per video server
• Import playlist in any format (BXF, Miranda, Neptune, Harris, Pharos, eLog or custom)
• Playlist management (add, remove, edit, replicate, etc.)
• Playlist and media consistency checks with customizable warnings
• Web service API for automated management User access
• User groups with custom access levels
• Two factor authentication & password complexity policy
• IP restrictions Content distribution and media asset management
• Advanced encryption using AES 256 and RSA 4096
• Content repositories in AWS or customer’s infrastructure
• Multiple files per content (embedded or separate audio and subtitle files)
• High speed upload tool with built in QC
• High speed downloader tool
• Automatic metadata extraction and validation
• Automatic uploads via watch folders
• Automatic download to video servers prioritized according to the playlist
• Media replication between primary and backup servers over LAN
• Content and metadata management
• Automatic storage management on video servers
• Missing media detection and automated email reports Monitoring and alerts
• Flexible email alert configuration per video server, broadcaster or feed
• Alerts when video server is not working, loses internet connectivity or low disk space remains
• Alerts on black or frozen output
• Preemptive alerts on playlist or media distribution problems
• Remote real-time output monitoring over low bandwidth connections via thumbnails and HLS stream
• Customizable multiview monitoring dashboard Auditing and legal compliance recordings
• As run logs that can be exported in custom format
• Automated email reports with As run logs
• Remote access to Auditing and Legal compliance TS recordings Graphic templates (secondary events) creation tool • Multi-layer, time sequenced, multi-element graphic templates
• Accurate preview with built in video server engine
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